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My name is Lisa M.Vela I am the proud owner of Salon Razor. I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 20yrs. I also am a licensed cosmetology instructor. I started my career with the basics of doing nails for about 2yrs. Then went to leasing a small full service salon with a fellow cosmetologist for 2yrs.Then went to work for a local chain salon for about 7 years. doing hair and management. Then was invited to join the Salon Razor staff worked for them for 3 years. , Where I was given the opportunity to buy the salon from it’s owner’s and make it my own and so here we are 5 years. later working on my bio for my Salon Razor website .I am excited to have gone through this journey and am looking forward to expanding my bio by maybe someday opening a second Salon Razor or who knows maybe one day a Salon Razor school. As for in the moment I am working with the best cosmetology staff I could ever have the honor of working with. We are a team and without them Salon Razor would not be what it is today!

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Hello my name is Delia Perez. I have been a cosmetologist for 20yrs. I am a graduate of Fox Tech high school where I earned my cosmetology license. I was able to practice with a permit before I got my actual license in cosmetology. I have worked in numerous hair salon’s. I now hold 3 trophies of accomplishments in the first years of working in the hair industry and numerous certificates of education. I hold certificates in Hydra texture System, The Lanza color line, An Esthetician and other numerous color classes. To share knowledge & educate my clients is what I also love to do, making sure that they are able to duplicate their style at home.
I have worked at Salon Razor since day one which is now 8 years, loving my job and clients. This is where I can be the most innovative and yet with fun creations, solely in my chair. Come in to see me as your personal hair dresser, where you will receive the utmost professional service and advice for your hair and skin needs.